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  1. Minister Michael Davis, you taught me a lot bro. , going to miss you, so just as Katheryn departed you had to carry on, so must I carry on as Elisha did. be at peace get a lot of rest. See you in heaven!!!

  2. Never had a chance to thank Benny Hinn for a miracle healing I received of Him and through him in Jesus name, TRINITY BROADCAST day’s in 1998, from power of darkness over my right eye, which I could not see but people saw it. When it hit me in 1997 all I did was pray daily and fast often with Word of God KJV but I couldn’t shake it until about May or June 1998 after a 3 day and night fast Fri. unto Mon. midnight but 5 am Monday I caught Pastor Hinn service and at the end of the service, Pastor Hinn began to pray and I laid both my hands on TV and the power of darkness lifted from the bowl of my head like a hat. I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ unto this day for that great and notable miracle: And I say unto you Pastor Hinn stay blessed and be blessed the more by God the Father and The Holy Ghost in Jesus name; Amen, Amen, and Amen.