Santiago Leon

sleon productions is pleased to announce in their new app launch of InstaBible available in the iTunes App Store. An app where the user is able to share any verse with any image background to the widely most popular app Instagram.

Developed by Santiago Leon, Founder of sleonproductions, has been in the innovative front for years. "It's only the beginning, but blessed to be a part to spread the Word of God to much people as possible" said Santiago, "Instagram has become a mainstream medium to share ideas".

InstaBible has been in development for seven months. It's only the first year for sleon productions to develop apps. "I didn't really think we would develop apps, it just kind of happened."

"Jesus said, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,' you got to spread the Word!"

InstaBible is now available in the iOS App Store.

sleon productions is a technology development company operating since 2009 based in Weston, Fl. Founded by Santiago Leon.