Benny Hinn Moving Back to Orlando

Healing evangelist Pastor Benny announced this past month that he is moving back to Orlando after living in Southern California for 20 years. He lived in Orlando before moving California in 1999 and pastored Orlando Christian Center.

Hinn announced it in August, and again this past week during his Zoom Healing Service where he prays for people in Zoom.

Hinn also announced that he will he building a TV studio in Orlando specifically for ZOOM. He mentioned that they will have bigger screens to accommodate 5,000 users, currently he’s having 3,000. His Zoom meetings have been getting attention from all over the world like Philippines, India, Pakistan and many others.Nothing specific if he’ll have space for a TV audience.

Hinn had a church in Orlando from the early 80s until he left for California in 1999.

It is unknown if he’ll keep his studio in Southern California where he has had since he moved there. Hinn did mention about the future of the studio after Pastor Chris Oyakhilome from Love World Church didn’t renew his lease where his USA church campus meet. But Hinn is still a consultant for Love World.

Benny Hinn World Media Center in Aliso Viejo, CA

The date of the opening of the new studio is yet unknown.

3 comments on Benny Hinn Moving Back to Orlando

  1. Minister Michael Davis, you taught me a lot bro. , going to miss you, so just as Katheryn departed you had to carry on, so must I carry on as Elisha did. be at peace get a lot of rest. See you in heaven!!!

  2. Never had a chance to thank Benny Hinn for a miracle healing I received of Him and through him in Jesus name, TRINITY BROADCAST day’s in 1998, from power of darkness over my right eye, which I could not see but people saw it. When it hit me in 1997 all I did was pray daily and fast often with Word of God KJV but I couldn’t shake it until about May or June 1998 after a 3 day and night fast Fri. unto Mon. midnight but 5 am Monday I caught Pastor Hinn service and at the end of the service, Pastor Hinn began to pray and I laid both my hands on TV and the power of darkness lifted from the bowl of my head like a hat. I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ unto this day for that great and notable miracle: And I say unto you Pastor Hinn stay blessed and be blessed the more by God the Father and The Holy Ghost in Jesus name; Amen, Amen, and Amen.

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