It’s Not Over: Embracing Hope in Challenging Times

In the village of Zehra, near the city of Sedona, a widow named Sarah was facing a famine and drought. Her desperation led her to believe that her situation was hopeless and that death was imminent for her and her son. However, hope arrived in the form of a prophet named Elijah, who spoke life into her circumstances and showed her that it wasn’t over yet. In this article, we will explore the powerful message of hope and faith from this encounter between Elijah and Sarah, and how it can inspire us to embrace hope in our own lives.

  1. Seeing the Possibility

One key aspect of holding onto hope is seeing the possibility beyond the present circumstances. Elijah came to Sarah with a message from God, and although she couldn’t see it yet, God had a plan for her life. Often, fear and despair can blind us to the potential that lies ahead. Instead of focusing on the negative, we must choose to see the future through God’s eyes, knowing that He has better days in store for us.

  1. Embracing Your Calling

Sarah was called by God for a specific purpose, even though she didn’t realize it at first. Sometimes, we may feel inadequate or ill-prepared for what God is calling us to do. However, just like Sarah, we have the raw ingredients for our calling, and God will equip us for the task. We must choose purpose over pleasure and step into our calling, knowing that we are anointed for special use and that God will work through us.

  1. Giving Your All

In Sarah’s case, she had to choose between giving her last bit of flour and oil to Elijah or keeping it for herself and her son. She chose to surrender it all to God, and that act of faith led to an incredible miracle. Similarly, we must be willing to give our all to God, even when it seems like we don’t have enough. God doesn’t need our resources; He wants our hearts and trust.

  1. Rejecting the Word “Impossible”

The word “impossible” can be a hindrance to hope and faith. Dr. Robert Schuller once famously said, “What an irresponsible word,” and rightly so. We must reject the notion that anything is impossible for God. When others or even our own minds say it can’t be done, we must remember that with God, all things are possible.


The encounter between Elijah and Sarah serves as a powerful reminder that hope is always within reach, no matter how dire our circumstances may seem. By seeing the possibility, embracing our calling, giving our all, and rejecting the word “impossible,” we can navigate challenging times with faith and hope. Just as Sarah’s story took a miraculous turn, we too can experience breakthroughs and blessings when we trust in God’s plan for our lives. So, no matter where you find yourself today, remember, it’s not over; there is hope and a bright future waiting for you.

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