Former Hillsong Pastors Peter and Laura Toggs’ to plant church in Sydney, Australia

Peter and Laura Toggs, known for their influential roles at Hillsong Church, have recently announced their bold new venture – pioneering a church in Sydney, Australia in a recent released video on social media. In a heartfelt conversation, they shared their passion, vision, and determination to create a loving community and spread the message of Jesus in a fresh and impactful way.

Continuing the Apostolic Legacy

The Toggs expressed their unwavering commitment to the foundational principles of the Christian faith. They drew inspiration from Ephesians 2:20, which speaks of building a church on the foundations of the apostles with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone. Peter highlighted that they are following in the footsteps of Jesus, the great pioneer, and are eager to contribute to a legacy that has been passed down through generations.

Roots and Wings

Laura beautifully illustrated their transition by likening it to having “roots and wings.” Their roots run deep, stemming from their experiences at Hillsong, but they are now ready to soar into the future. It’s a metaphorical representation of growing up and leaving home to explore new horizons.

The Mission: Creating a Home for All

The Toggs emphasized their mission to create a church that is not just for the “churched” but a welcoming home for the unchurched, the lost, and the wandering. They are driven by the profound desire to share the message of Jesus and to fulfill the commission of telling the world about Him.

The Courage to Be Misunderstood

Peter expressed his personal struggle with the fear of being misunderstood, especially in Christian and non-Christian circles. He stressed the importance of living a life that may seem inconvenient or misunderstood by others but is ultimately dedicated to pleasing God. Both Peter and Laura acknowledged that misunderstandings are inevitable, but their focus remains on being obedient to God’s calling.

Building God’s Church in Sydney

Considering the vast population of Australia and the millions in Sydney alone, the Toggs are convinced that one expression of church cannot reach everyone. They see themselves as part of God’s grand plan to rescue humanity and advance the message of the kingdom of God. Their vision is not about one church but about participating in the greater work of building God’s church.

Get Involved

In closing, Peter and Laura Toggs shared their excitement about creating momentum and interest for their new church. They will be hosting interest parties in the coming weeks and months to provide more insights into their vision and allow individuals to become part of this exciting journey.

As Peter and Laura Toggs embark on this new chapter, their dedication to creating a loving and inclusive community and spreading the message of Jesus shines brightly. Their journey is a testament to the courage to follow one’s calling, even when it means being misunderstood, and their commitment to God’s mission to reach all hearts in Sydney, Australia. Cheers to their pioneering spirit!

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