Episode #13: Encourage Each Other Daily

InstaBible Cast
InstaBible Cast
Episode #13: Encourage Each Other Daily

In this Episode, Eric Ryan Olson joins host Santiago Leon and shares a devotional entitled, “Encourage Each Other Daily”.

Verse of the Day

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. – Romans 1:16

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Santiago Leon 0:13
It’s the Bible cast July 17 2020. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe in all our channels YouTube, like our Facebook, and if you’re listening on iTunes, hit that subscribe button. rate and review. If you’re on Twitter, you know, go follow us and also if you’re on Periscope follow us as well. We have the show quite frequent every week. We try to do it every week, Lord willing. And of course you can visit us on the Insta Bible cat app.com is the Bible app.com and for the latest when it comes to verse of the day inspirational messages articles and things like that. You could download this the Bible app on the iOS App Store. You could download it right now. There’s an update coming soon I’m still working on it. It’s gonna be pretty, pretty special. In my humble opinion, um, but of course, you know, guy works in technology, he can work in, offline off the grid. Technology. He moves in, in a lot of different ways. Verse of the day is Romans one through 16. For I’m not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that bring salvation to everyone who beliefs first the Jew and to the Gentiles. Today’s guest is our frequent guests. Last week we had Mr. Pastor Darnell Ranger this week, we have Eric Olsen back. We got a couple more guests down in the pipeline now they’re kind of more available but Eric Ryan, welcome back to the Insta Bible cast. It’s

Eric Olson 2:15
July 17 2014. To everyone out there

Santiago Leon 2:19
speaking about 2020 you know like this hasn’t been shown a lot or or I mean one thing I’ve not heard you know too many people do is giving their 2020 vision you know, 2020 is a very, very clear type of thing to talk about. And when you have a 2020 vision, you have a perfect vision, you’re able to pass the eye test. You can see all the letters and the numbers in a in a pie chart. I usually fail mine except like the top big number a big letter E of top and like the top row but Eric, what is your 2020 vision? I know we we were talking about it before the But um, but you had it ready like some people will say well I didn’t give one but you already had it in your heart

Eric Olson 3:09
well it’s I mean to sum it up without going into too much set up perfectly time that will God now I wish there might be they a general you know idea sometimes what the guy For us a specific will. Now the general will is that everyone will be saved within an hour and who gets saved or is the character to form prices in us right that we will be conformed not to the well what you saw but specific right the what need to seek Him or specific information about our gifts, our talents to experiences, what the Lord has, obviously, you know, the God’s perfect will for, for the Apostle Paul was different than Mary Magdalene. Right? So we see these things. And when we get a hold of that, then it’s just it’s but you can’t go wrong basically all in with Jesus in God’s perfect will for our lives will include a couple things right? It will definitely it’s going to include it’ll be for His glory, and it will be for the advancement of his kingdom, whatever that is whether it’s growing an internet company, whether it’s a marketplace, ministry business, whether it’s planning the church, starting the ministry, where it started, whether it’s starting a Bible study, or a prayer group in your home, whatever it is, it’s going to be something that connects with the verse of the day today that Santiago shared, which which ties in perfectly with which which one was on my heart, which is the title of today’s In the Bible cast was I had a my heart in the title of today. This cast is encourage one another daily. So Burke is Hebrews chapter three verse 34 verses one another daily as long as it is called today. Keep reading in it but that none of you will be hardened by sin. deceitfulness. 313 and then I just feel that that correlated to Roman King Santiago already read that. Do not be ashamed of the gospel of salvation right, for Christ’s return of salvation, for all who believes so goes on first. But even so, I see a correlate those two verses urge each other to continue believing, hardened by the unbelief of the world and we see some, some negative God in the world they get this. And if we’re not careful, we can get into unbelief, we can get hardened. And then we can get to go, Oh, yeah, that’s 2010 is to get perfect clarity about the perfect will of God. And again, it will for all of us. I encourage you to seek God for that too. I feel like I do have quite a bit of perfect clarity about the perfect world God in my life. And

it’s about creating inspirational original Jesus content. It’s about crew Reading apparel, and also the ministry the woman has given me this unique is portraying Jesus dramatically, and adding to that straight from the Gospel. So, so for all you out there listening, being encouraged, it says, encourage each other daily, something, I encourage you one another day that we need to encourage each other daily because there’s so many things in this world in this life, on the internet and elsewhere. that disturbs us to try to steal, kill and destroy that comes against our face that brings the spirit of heaviness. Well, in Christ, we’re called to encourage each other and encourage each other to believe God. And so that’s what I want to do today. And that spirit of encouragement, of faith of not only not being ashamed of the gospel, but the opposite, the opposite. It says, Scripture says, Let him who boast in the Lord boast in Christ. So if you’re going to boast, right, the opposite of being ashamed is being proud of something. Let’s let us win it. That’s why the gospel means Good news. When it’s good news, right? You want to share, I got some good news. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal, everlasting life. Hallelujah. That’s good news. Jesus conquered death. Jesus conquered the devil. He has authority over every demonic power. He can give you a new purpose, a new life. If you feel discouraged. I’m here to encourage you that there is a new day. God’s mercies are new. Every morning, test your cares. Test your burden upon the Lord because He cares for you, Jesus, the Lord who conquered death. He cares for you being encouraged, I commend all discouraging to get off of you. In Jesus name. I believe there is such a thing as a spirit of discouragement of depression. Right, this belief, there’s a spirit of it. And we might have been raised to believe in God. But if you get your eyes off of Jesus and you’re getting hardened by sinfulness and by everything going on in the world that’s of the devil, then if we’re not careful, we can be discouraged. And we fall into disbelief. And then we start to get ashamed of the gospel. The only reason you’d be ashamed, right, is if you don’t believe it. If you believe the good news about the gospel of Christ that has a power of salvation, it’s great news. There’s no reason to be ashamed, and there’s no reason to be discouraged, even when hard trials come upon us. Right, as it says in the opening letter of James Wright Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whatever you face, various kinds of trials and temptations, because you know, it’s the testing of your faith, develops perseverance, that you might be mature and complete, not lacking anything. So yeah, that’s 2020 2020 vision for me and for you is that you would not lack anything in your face, you would not lack anything in the clarity of the calling of God on your life. When that goes for Santiago, and for all of you out there being encouraged in the clarification that comes to Christ Jesus and the Word of God. Amen. Eric, can you please

Santiago Leon 11:17
pray for people out there that are looking for vision that looking for clarity in their lives, even though they’re in the midst of a pandemic? God is bigger than a pandemic. guy could overcome a pandemic. These are the times where many people will rise. Go ahead and prayer.

Eric Olson 11:38
Yeah. Oh, hallelujah. But I pray for those that that have not been born again. Those that have a form of godliness but deny the power of those who are those who have a head knowledge about Jesus, but they’ve never surrendered their life to Jews. I pray for conviction and for grace, that you would draw them to a place where they truly repent and turn their lives over to you, Lord, not just a mental acknowledgement, or going to church, but truly their heart, their everyday life, their identity, 24 seven, that they will give their lives to you and I ask Lord, that You would inject them, infuse them, intoxicate them with, with your Holy Spirit, the living water, let it overflow, that all sorrow will be will be come out and you will feel them with the joy the Lord, Lord all. Hold the sin will be broken and you will feel them. Lord them. Jesus help me Jesus, I give my life to you, Lord God, and then I pray, Lord that you would give them as they do that. In the rededication, maybe some did that. As we jump away from you, repentant, fail that hardened over their heart and give him a little bit of the power of on Earth, I mean, weren’t taught that, Lord, that they have part of the thing in the darkness will be be people’s eyes may be opened up, see that are utterly sinful regard those things that are the devil just put a boldness for The good news just rewrote command, I command fear to get off of people in the name of Jesus for God has not given you a spirit of fear of a spirit of anxiety, a spirit of worry, a spirit of timidity. God did not give that spirit see that is from the evil and extra man, spirit of fear to get off of you, in Jesus name. Thank you, Lord, feel these listeners and children, even those who aren’t listening and those who are turning to you and asking for with your mind of Christ or God, with perfect clarity, Lord God, there’s no confusion. Not the Word says. That is the evil one that wants to lead you into confusion. God is light and he brings perfect clarity, that you will not be confused about who he is about what he calls us to that he loves you. A lot died for the whole world, the Lamb of God who takes away the whole world that’s how much not that He gave His life for the whole get on with life. For the I want to share as I interjection of an exhortation in my revelation about my dad would tell me, son, I love you and how much I love you that I would actually use the kid. And I believe what he meant, but I didn’t really understand it with my heart, I would love my I would die for him. And then the Holy Spirit spoke back to me back from the hospital and said that that’s not the love of God. What Lord, and then the Spirit said the love of God is not you dying for your son. The love of God is sending your son that you love and you would die to die for sending that son you love to die for the world to die for people. Don’t know you don’t reject it. I was blown away. It hit me in a way. Like what kind of love but I agree and I don’t comprehend it apprehended by faith I believe it fully for myself and for you, regardless of that God, love for you by

Unknown Speaker 16:25
what you see you

Eric Olson 16:34
in so it says it says in Romans five eight is you can read that in Romans five, eight Romans five is a beautiful chapter about how God’s called the Holy Spirit out in our hearts. So I did that he didn’t just give lip service he proved it. And everyone everyone calls upon the name of the Lord will be saints, everyone. He wants to encourage everyone. And so while we’re in this pandemic, time not to seek It’s still instructing one guy will give generously. Well, the revelation about wisdom every day I need to ask everyone I asked. Every exchange starts with asking. I just will give the grace in the face to act in there phase four, and just in generous to give word God, thank you Lord and give them encouragement word, the courage, to trust you to believe in you, and provide a boldness and a boasting in the Gospel upon your children forget that we will not look to the news of the world, we will not look to the pandemic or to the economy, we will look to you Lord, we will fix our eyes on Jesus and your leader into what you would have us to do lead us to what to be in alignment with what you’re doing or God, that we would be participators and partakers of with your kingdom, and with the advancement of your gospel, Lord God for the room, the last to come to know you in spirit and in truth for God. Thank you. Thank you for this

Santiago Leon 19:00
We thank You Jesus for this encouragement Lord, we pray, we thank you, Lord, for for for the testimonials that will come out of this broadcast in Jesus name anyone out there that that is blinded by the world are blinded that that they’re not seeing guy will we pray that the scales will fall off the rise in Jesus name the scales of fear to scare the tales of anguish, the scales of doubt, depression and Jesus did. We pray, Lord, for complete healing any mental illness, any physical sickness in Jesus name must go in Jesus name. Go take that step of faith. Get up and walk.

Eric Olson 19:55
me if

Santiago Leon 19:56
you feel that you need to, you know do that If you in a wheelchair get up if you feel that you weren’t able to walk walk into you have that faith in Jesus name whoever is out there

Eric Olson 20:10
we we walk by faith in Jesus name

Santiago Leon 20:15
many people we walk by faith Yeah. Many people have doubts they just signed off okay, it’s not gonna happen I’m gonna be like this for the rest of my life. No get up and walk right you could turn the tables God Jesus could change you in a 180 turn really fast have faith have hope one have encouragement Yes.

Eric Olson 20:43
Jesus No brother when you said one you know you know what? 182 right 180 is a change of direction. Correct? So it’s run at is that number in geometrically implies spiritually repentance right right To change it you gotta you gotta change your mindset. You got it. You got to turn your mindset, belief and then stand in faith. walk by faith talk by faith right? In Jesus name we that’s we got to make that decision every day and not come into agreement with unbelief not come into agreement with the evil oil spill and destroy. So yeah, this all listless Lord every area that we need to fresh and turn to you 180 Lord in Jesus name

Santiago Leon 21:35
that’s repentance as well as renewal of the mind

Eric Olson 21:43
renewal of the mind aim Eric Eric,

Santiago Leon 21:47
can you step into that for a little bit you know for a few minutes on repentance. What does the Bible say? with repentance.

Eric Olson 21:58
Thank you brother. Oh thanks Hallelujah, Lord, as for this annoying articulation and revelation afresh on repentance, Lord, that You would bring it to the people on repentance. So Jesus when He began his public ministry right, before he, the first thing he did was, he said in Scripture that when Jesus released I mean, before I mean when he was 12. And like, no, he said, I have to be about my father’s business. But when you read in the gospels, the first thing he did before he called his disciples, he, he started going around and saying, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven, is at hand. Now, some translations will say the kingdom of heaven is in your midst, but the kingdom of heaven is only connect is connected to the king of heaven, who is Jesus Christ, the kingdom of heaven does not advance apart from the kingdom Heaven, King of heaven was Jesus Christ and so on. repentance, right? Jesus is saying, It literally means to change the direction right change your thinking Turn, turn from the way you’re going and turn right the kingdom of heaven here. You don’t have to work for your salvation before salvation is in your mitts. You know the name of Jesus means that God God who saves. So repent, right stop in Hebrews, right? That he reversed to that shirt is I encourage you to memorize 13 encourage one another daily, right? You keep reading in Hebrews, you get to Hebrews four and five it talks about repent from dead works, right? repent from these works that are dead, the works there were not saved by works right? By faith through grace Ephesians, two eight through 10 says right? It’s the gift of God. It’s the free gift of God for all who believes so it’s self righteousness, it’s knowledge, I am on in my flesh, and I cannot obtain to the righteousness of God I cannot obtain this God I cannot obtain the miracles of God by works, right. And this in the world that we have this tendency that we, we want to try to do is feel like we can earn salvation or earn miracles, as Paul rebuked the Galatians he says, You foolish Galatians who is the which you? How do you think you can finish? Through the again, in the spirit? Does God work miracles among you because of your good works? Or because you believe the answer is of course, it’s because we believe so a lot of times by trying to do things on our own. See what what is impossible with man is possible with God. All things are possible with God. Right, turning to God, trusting God. That’s what repentance is. You can’t enter the kingdom of heaven without repenting. You can’t enter the works by face. You got me. You got to repent from self brights turn from that person deception. It’s a lie that will lead you to destruction and to death. And that is there’s a strong, evil one, under self righteousness for it is connected to in the Bible says in many places old and new toes out. he resists the proud, but it gives grace. humble. Guess what? A lot of times it takes humility to repent. Well, first we got to repent and turn from our pride. Here’s your dignified that you want to appear good in the eyes of people guess what is disappointed heart was attached to the abundance. And then you keep reading and Jesus on the same journey. he encounters a man the crowds were following him. And this man was a poor beggar who was blind blind barn If you can read it and look at him, and he cries out Son of David, have mercy on me. And now any crowd tried to silence and any Son of David, mercy on me and Jesus stop. And he says, bring them to me. And then bottom is just before Jesus. And Jesus says, part of me is what would you have? And part of me says, I would love. And Jesus says, according to your faith, be itself. So guess what? bartimaeus turned to the Lord bartimaeus had the humility, he repented from his position of begging. Well get a revelation here. So Jesus says to begin to sermon on the mount with this statement, blasted out of the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. It’s no accident that Jesus begins the great sermon on the mount with that statement. If you look at the Greek The word pour in spirit there implied begging, it implies being in a position of spiritual poverty.

He begged for Jesus to have. He wasn’t trying to do it in his own Russia ruler, I’ve kept the law. I’ve done this, I’ve done that. Jesus says, okay, sell all your possessions become a beggar and then follow me, and you’ll have the kingdom of heaven. And he but blind bartimaeus was already a beggar. And so he it wasn’t hard for him. He was he was already begging for money. So now he just repented from begging for money, anything for Jesus, and he got bored again and he got to the kingdom of heaven. That’s the entrance point to the kingdom of heaven. That’s the beginning of salvation of becoming a beggar spiritually crying out I can’t do that my own juices, help me, help me. And just The kingdom of heaven is that blessing of the poor in spirit blessing those who begged for God’s mercy and righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Jesus doesn’t say there’s will be the kingdom of heaven. He says there is the kingdom of heaven. It’s right now, the kingdom of heaven. And in heaven, that’s the will God 2020 vision. That’s God. That’s a priority. That’s how it’s always been. And whenever God is calling you to do specifically, whether it’s in Miami, or Boise or in another country, kingdom, that whatever you do you be a part of bringing the kingdom of heaven on earth, as it is the will of God and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Oh, hallelujah, hallelujah. In Jesus name,

Santiago Leon 29:50
amen. encourage each other daily repent. Those are the two terms. The two main terms of today’s process. Cast This is totally spontaneous guys this is not this is still you know totally God moving in through our hearts and also through His Word that we didn’t script this this is this is all God it’s one of those spontaneous cast and this was this Bible cast you know brings it brings you know structure but also could be spontaneous at the same time

Eric Olson 30:25

Santiago Leon 30:27
wow what a what a morning well it is for sure morning over there is now it’s over here is crossing to the noon time the afternoon time, Eric Olson can tell the audience what’s the best way to reach you and and also which, which also that’s also like able to know more with your ministry and also your business

Eric Olson 31:19
I’ve had to submit furs with our entity, again is my ministry in business which stands for Jesus makes a difference. And Santiago, we’re partnering in his tech skills and stuff and for the glory of God and the advancement of the kingdom of God. So jam TD VIP is our website. You can email me at Eric t v.bi z that’s probably the best way right now to to reach me and through email and I will definitely respond if you you know, if you if you reach out to me and yeah keep your eyes peeled for our website. And yeah, we sell Jesus apparel and we create Jesus content and there’s much much more to come in Jesus name

Santiago Leon 32:25
a lot more to come of course and Eric I’ve been friends with him for the past over 10 years and he’s been a blessing to my life is always fresh when you when we speak to each other and of course you know God God moves through people and also through circumstances he places people in your path and which and possibly he’s places podcasts in your path. You might have been just scrolling on Twitter, or on Facebook or also on YouTube and you might have just crossed paths to with this broadcast and if you want to know more information about it, you could go to the Bible app calm, it’s the Bible app calm and find out more information. Or you could download the Insta Bible app on the iOS App Store and be encouraged. There’s always a verse of the day, there’s also contemplation and also a daily devotion by Charles Spurgeon, you can go around with the spurge. And of course, you can read the Bible as well, we have, we provide five translations. And you can definitely check it out, we would like to keep the app simple, we’re not like to add too much stuff on to it, we want to make it simple, like apple, very unique not to skeleton, but you know, just enough for our eyes to to read and take, take content, and this content is just not just content, it’s got brief content. And we and we encourage you guys to to please follow us and to and also to like us and you know, to provide good content for you guys to be touched and if you have any testimonials, any praise reports or any prayer requests, please message us on the corresponding platforms. You can message us on the website. You can dm or you could message us on Twitter or on Facebook. And we’ll read them. We’ll pray for them. And who knows he might be on the show in the future. Eric Olson, please send it out. Please send us out on a encouraging prayer.

Eric Olson 34:29
Amen. Lord, I thank you so much. You’re the God of all hope, as it says, I want to pray Lord, Romans 1513 over all the listeners and over the Insta Bible, podcast followers. Father, You’re the God of all hope. And I ask that you would fill us with joy and peace as we trust in you as we believe in you that we would overflow with hope and encouragement by the power of the Holy theory, let it be for Your glory, and let that hope and let that Living Hope slow for overflow from our hearts and our voices to all we all those we encounter in our lives, family, friends, neighbors, even strangers, Lord, that that the hope of the gospel in the hope of Christ will overcome any fear, any depression, any sickness that in people’s lives that we encounter, or let it be for total freedom. For who the sun sets free, is free. And the big Thank you, Lord, for setting us free. We give you the praise for it. In Jesus name, amen.

Santiago Leon 35:34
Amen. Follow us. Keep an eye out for next week. And remember God loves you. He’s for you. Eric Olson, great cast.

Eric Olson 35:46

Santiago Leon 35:48
I love you, my brother. God bless

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